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If you have any questions regarding the different offerings, please just get in touch by sending me an email at kontakt@kristofferkallesen.dk.


Online sessions with Kristoffer

Here you can take one session at a time when it suits you.

For example, if you

  • would like to see what Movnat is, but can't see yourself in a longer course right now.
  • for a short period of time need support and feedback for your physical practice with movnat.
  • have a handful of MovNat movements you want to master and want coaching on, for example a Roll-Up, Swing-Up or Get-Up. 
  • want a tailored PDF program for achieving one or two MovNat skills (added when checking out at payment).

Where Online Coaching typically lasts 1-12 months, with the online sessions you can take one session at a time when it works for you.

Even if you only have single sessions, there may still be a common thread in what we work with - just let me know and I will make sure to adapt our sessions to what you want to work with.

If you previously have bought a PDF program, these sessions are also ideal as a follow-up to work on the skills that are in your program. 

  • One session online or physically here in Skørping DKK 500 (booked below).
  • Optional addition: PDF program DKK 700,-. (only for online sessions - remember to choose when paying at the end of the booking).
    • Simple PDF program based on one or two movements from MovNat that you want to master.
    • A conversation over phone/video call where we run through the program and make sure it feels right to you.
    • With clickable links to videos where you can see how the movements are performed.
    • Ongoing feedback on videos of the movements you are practicing in the program, so we ensure that you learn the correct technique.
    • Tailored to your everyday life, your starting point and the training equipment you have available.

If you want more regular support and coaching, or want your training planned over several weeks or months, I would recommend you look at the Online Movnat Coaching for 1-12 months (subscribe below to get notified when available in english).

Booking of a session

To book, click on the calendar-button below.

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* The platform I use for website and booking is Danish so the booking-dialogue is in Danish too. It should be straight forward, but if it causes you problems, please contact me and we will sort it out :-)


Online Movnat Coaching for 1-12 months (not yet available)

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Until I am ready with the online platform please know that you can still take advantage of the online sessions and the individual PDF programs - simply book a time in the calendar above.



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